Welcome to the Highline Area Food Bank

The Highline Area Food Bank is a Non-Profit 501C3 organization.

Dedicated to the gathering and distribution of food to those in need.

The Governor has made it clear that food pantries are an essential service and we cannot agree more. Highline Area Food Bank will remain open for business while taking all necessary steps to protect our staff and the people, programs, and communities we serve. We are currently practicing social distancing, both in the Food Bank and outside while waiting in line. The volunteers wash hands often and wear gloves all the time. We are asking our clients to wash hands when they enter the building and not to touch any thing while in the building. The food will be put in a bag or box in your cart all while asking you still which foods you would want. As you exit the building the cart will be given to you to go to your car. Please bring the cart back up to the door so that we may clean it before our next client. When you arrive please come to the front door and sign in on the clipboard and then return to your car or disperse in the parking lot. You will be called by name when it is your turn. Please plan to be here for a while as we only allow 6 clients in the building at on time.

Thank you!

Mike Werle
Executive Director